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Garden reflections…(SOL Tuesday)

They say deaths happen in three’s. Maybe that’s an old wives tale. At any rate, it seems to always be that way. Lately I’ve thought about death. Not in a sad or morbid way but what will the next life, heaven, be like? I’ve read about it in the Bible and it seems like a beautiful place unparalleled to anything where the greatest of celebrations will take place, forever.

I walked through the Lauritzen Gardens in Nebraska as I am here on a work trip with my husband. I’m not sure Nebraska is my place but walking through these amazing gardens rich with color made me extremely reflective. So here is what I thought about.

What is heaven like?

Maybe a tree, towering tall with no broken limbs, strong and sturdy.

Maybe a meadow, lush and green, where anyone can run, as fast as they want.

Maybe a sunny sky that never makes us hot, only the perfect temperature.

Maybe a stolen moment with the people you loved on earth, still knowing exactly who they are, cherishing no broken relationships.

Maybe a perfect body, rewinding the clock to cartwheels and strong muscles, moving anywhere you want.

Maybe it will be animals that roam freely and never fight. Bees that buzz but never sting, no more bites that break our skin.

Maybe a beautiful meal set at a table for so many friends and family that you can’t wait to see, you can’t wait to catch up with.

Maybe a house with so many rooms, one made especially for you, your favorite colors, the comfiest mattress, fluffy pillows and just the right scented candle glowing it’s light beside an open window.

Maybe it’s complete communion and unbroken fellowship with the people and the world around you, no distractions, no worries.

Maybe it’s seeing the Light of the world and nothing else, because nothing else will matter.

Maybe it’s complete peace and joy and singing and working and playing, side by side in the most beautiful gardens in the center of a city that hustles and bustles. The hustle and bustle is not the hustle and bustle that reflects chaos but order. Maybe everyone knows their role and does it so completely, with no error.

Maybe it’s loving completely and being so loved that you can actually feel it; maybe that love will shine through us.

Maybe we will focus so much on the Love and Creator that nothing else will matter anyways.

The rose garden at Lauritzen Gardens

5 thoughts on “Garden reflections…(SOL Tuesday)

  1. Based on the view from your walk, I can understand why you started thinking deeply about what lies ahead. IT’s something I think about occasionnaly. Maybe I’d ponder it more if I, too, walked through a beautiful garden on my own.

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