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Where I’m from…SOL Tuesday

Kicking off summer and it always take me back to days when I slept on our front porch swing surrounded by piles of library books and comfy pillows.

Going back home looks much different these days but I will be going home soon-in 2 weeks actually! So in honor of that trip and where I am from, I am sharing the link to a blog post from a few years ago where I used the “Where I’m from” poem format to share a slice of where I come from.

Please enjoy my poem at the link below (It’s honestly one of my favorite posts ever.)and feel free to write your own. It’s a lovely way to reflect and remember where you’re from.


The WV hills-where I’m from🤍

6 thoughts on “Where I’m from…SOL Tuesday

  1. It smelled like Avon’s Skin So Soft lotion or a lotion from Avon called Silicone Glove. Baby powdery in a way. I’ll always remember those scents.


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