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I saw a guy holding a sign the other day as he stood beside the road. You know the sign, the cardboard sign that announces someone is homeless and needs help. This man’s sign caught my attention. “Homeless: need help; too ugly to be a prostitute but I need work. Anything.”

It was interesting that this man had not written “Homeless:need money, anything will help.” His phrasing, if not a bit crass, was telling of where he was at this point in his life (homeless), what he needed (work) and possibly where he had come from (potentially a hard worker in the past). I often look at anyone holding a sign and think about what led them to this point. I think about the man who lost everything due to addiction and now can’t even feed himself or the woman who left her abusive husband, hitting rock bottom with nowhere to turn. Often I judge these people, wandering if they truly need help or is it all a scam?

These signs also make me think about what my sign would say. If I had to write a cardboard sign right now, what would it reveal about my current state and what I need right at this very moment? It humbles my heart to think of putting one statement on a sign for everyone to see, criticize and judge.

So here’s the exercise for today. Make your sign. Where are you now and what do you need? Here’s mine: “Weary traveler, almost home. Need a place to rest.” Since I’m physically traveling, this is literal. However, there is a lot of spiritual implication there as well. I’ve always had a struggle with rest and as I’ve gotten older, I realize the necessity of it, yet it’s hard for me to rest and just be, knowing that God is in control.

So, what would your sign be? It will probably change through seasons of life, or maybe even daily. Next time you see someone with a sign, remember they are a person, with a story, and extend some grace.

What would your sign say?
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Garden reflections…(SOL Tuesday)

They say deaths happen in three’s. Maybe that’s an old wives tale. At any rate, it seems to always be that way. Lately I’ve thought about death. Not in a sad or morbid way but what will the next life, heaven, be like? I’ve read about it in the Bible and it seems like a beautiful place unparalleled to anything where the greatest of celebrations will take place, forever.

I walked through the Lauritzen Gardens in Nebraska as I am here on a work trip with my husband. I’m not sure Nebraska is my place but walking through these amazing gardens rich with color made me extremely reflective. So here is what I thought about.

What is heaven like?

Maybe a tree, towering tall with no broken limbs, strong and sturdy.

Maybe a meadow, lush and green, where anyone can run, as fast as they want.

Maybe a sunny sky that never makes us hot, only the perfect temperature.

Maybe a stolen moment with the people you loved on earth, still knowing exactly who they are, cherishing no broken relationships.

Maybe a perfect body, rewinding the clock to cartwheels and strong muscles, moving anywhere you want.

Maybe it will be animals that roam freely and never fight. Bees that buzz but never sting, no more bites that break our skin.

Maybe a beautiful meal set at a table for so many friends and family that you can’t wait to see, you can’t wait to catch up with.

Maybe a house with so many rooms, one made especially for you, your favorite colors, the comfiest mattress, fluffy pillows and just the right scented candle glowing it’s light beside an open window.

Maybe it’s complete communion and unbroken fellowship with the people and the world around you, no distractions, no worries.

Maybe it’s seeing the Light of the world and nothing else, because nothing else will matter.

Maybe it’s complete peace and joy and singing and working and playing, side by side in the most beautiful gardens in the center of a city that hustles and bustles. The hustle and bustle is not the hustle and bustle that reflects chaos but order. Maybe everyone knows their role and does it so completely, with no error.

Maybe it’s loving completely and being so loved that you can actually feel it; maybe that love will shine through us.

Maybe we will focus so much on the Love and Creator that nothing else will matter anyways.

The rose garden at Lauritzen Gardens
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Where I’m from…SOL Tuesday

Kicking off summer and it always take me back to days when I slept on our front porch swing surrounded by piles of library books and comfy pillows.

Going back home looks much different these days but I will be going home soon-in 2 weeks actually! So in honor of that trip and where I am from, I am sharing the link to a blog post from a few years ago where I used the “Where I’m from” poem format to share a slice of where I come from.

Please enjoy my poem at the link below (It’s honestly one of my favorite posts ever.)and feel free to write your own. It’s a lovely way to reflect and remember where you’re from.


The WV hills-where I’m from🤍
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Slipping through my fingers…Being a mom…SOL Tuesday

Being mom means a lot of things. It means 2 am wake-up calls with your baby and then it means 2 am wake-up calls when your teenager has cut curfew.

Being a mom means endless cuddles and moments of just hiding in the bathroom for 2 minutes of peace.

Being a mom means holding your toddlers hands as they learn to walk and letting those same hands go as they walk into school for the first time.

Being a mom means teaching your kids that the stove is too hot, how to spell their names and that running with scissors is a bad idea.

Being a mom means watching your kids grow into mini adults and learning from them too.

Being a mom lately has meant car rides to and from school, soccer, music lessons, and church. It means bringing extra snacks between activities because even bigger little humans get hangry.

Being a mom lately has meant listening to school day recounts in the car, new friends made at school, field day and field trips.

Being a mom lately has meant movies and hikes and walks to the neighborhood park.

Being a mom has also meant dealing with mood swings, unfinished chores, complaining, fear of the unknown and a looming sense that this will all be over before I realize it.

Being a mom meant pulling over to a road side park yesterday and letting my thirteen year old “play”. I know that these moments of solitary time with my little humans will soon be memories.

My sweet 13 year old playing at the park before we picked up her brother
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How to move…SOL Tuesday

I was inspired a few weeks ago to write this how to list. Several SOL writers wrote poems and lists that were focused on the “how to” element. I wish I could give credit but I can’t remember the blogger so if anyone reads this and remembers, please comment!

Here is my “how to” list below.

How to move…

1. Purge. Get rid of all the things you haven’t used in the last year or so. Make multiple trips to the Goodwill and when you think you’re finished, purge more.

2. Initiate. You’ll be the “new person” so you’ll have to initiate conversation. Smile at people and talk. It may be awkward but you may end up making a new friend. (Or at least you’ll get a good idea of the people you don’t want to befriend.)

3. Lower expectations. Things will happen. The unexpected events will occur. Your belongings may get broken in transit, that relationship you thought was rock solid may fizzle, your kids may hate their new schools. Just breathe and remember that you can’t be disappointed if you aren’t expecting perfection.

4. Breathe. You’ll maybe even want to practice this one. It’s pretty simple but it may result in peace and quiet rather than snapping back at a family member for leaving their dishes in the sink rather than the dishwasher. (THE mortal sin in my home.)

5. GPS. You have to have it. You’ll get lost even when you do have it. Just enjoy the ride, right?🙄 (Clearly told to you by someone who has never lived anywhere other than the town they were born.)

6. Explore. Be adventurous and just take in all the new things around you. It’s like a vacation but you get to stay there.

7. Embrace it. Things will change and so will you. Life will look different-from the grocery nature you shop at to the house you live in and the people you invite to sit beside you. It’s ok. Different is not bad.

8. Call your people. Remember to call your people-family and friends. Don’t forget those past friendships as you forge ahead. Have a network to support you when you need it because you will.

9. Laugh. Don’t take yourself too seriously. If you do, you’ll cry.

10. Grow. Stop expecting to sprout if you’re digging in old dirt and fertilizing with expectations of the past. Bloom where you’re planted.