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What we do…

Have you ever thought about the things that you do? I mean the little things. The other day, after I cleaned my kitchen, I folded the dish towel and put it beside the sink. It immediately hit me that the one person I had seen do this all the time was grandma, my mom’s mom. My grandma always said the kitchen wasn’t completely clean until you folded the towel and put it beside the sink. Funny, right?

Then when I use blue Dawn dish soap to clean my dishes I think about my mom and the big plastic bottle that sat by the window sink when I was a kid. And Comet, the cleaning product-I have used it because I remember my mom using it.

My dad is an expert painter. So much so that he never uses that blue painter’s tape. He has a steady hand and eye. I like to think I’ve got some of his creative spirit and skill when I try to paint a room. Although I may be the messiest painter ever so that’s debatable.

My grandpa, my dad’s dad, used to dunk graham crackers or Nilla Wafers in milk. I remember him sitting at the kitchen bar, right beside the wall phone, showing us (me, my sister and cousins) how to hold the graham cracker in long enough until it started to get too soggy. I still love graham crackers and milk to this day.

These are small things that come to mind-things that I do now because of someone else. These small things may not make a big difference but I still do them.

I wonder what we all do because of other people. The sum of who we are is made up of all these little things we do or say. Who we are today is a history of little things. What little things do you do today because of someone else?


6 thoughts on “What we do…

  1. Annalee, wow – yes, there are so many things I do because someone before me did them. White Dove soap comes to mind, because my mother’s mother used it always in her home. I am an obsessive receipt saver because of my mother. I read books and write with a fountain pen because of my dad. I have a tendency to save things I don’t need because of my dad’s parents, but that part of me stays at war with my desire to be a minimalist like my mother’s dad. One thing I wish I could do is grow plants better like my mom and her mom – – but that simply isn’t happening. I love this post……so much to think about! We are truly nurtured in our nature.

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  2. My grandma was known for mixing metaphors up. I’ve always said, “Hindsight is 50/50.” There are some others that pop out of my mouth occasionally, but that one has stuck with me. : )

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    1. It’s funny what people say and what we remember. My mom always asks “Who beat?” after any sporting event. It’s a quirky funny thing she does.


  3. I enjoy the nostalgia in this piece. My mom used Comet as well, the green powder never failed to cause a sneeze when it was my turn scrubbing the tub. My dad dunked cornbread into buttermilk, but I also learned about dunking graham crackers into milk (or my grandpa’s coffee when he wasn’t looking). “Who we are today is a history of little things.” Thank you for getting my mind thinking about this.


  4. Analee, you offer a wonderful picture of family memories in this slice. There is truth in you following statement: “The sum of who we are is made up of all these little things we do or say.:


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