Slice of Life Challenge 2022

Procrastinating…SOLC ‘22 (29/31)

I am procrastinating today. I never do that. I have a list, I get that list done, I like things “tidy”.

However, today I am procrastinating. I am procrastinating writing, responding to an email, packing up the ski stuff from the weekend, reviewing my read aloud a for tomorrow.

How do I procrastinate? I took two Peloton rides. I am laying on my bed with the fluffiest orange cat beast you’ve ever seen. I am thinking about all the things. I ate a bagel. I am pretty sure I’ll take a nap.

Maybe my head and body just know when I need a minute. A minute to process and not quickly respond, read instead of write, nap instead of chores.

So, here I am. I’ll be “procrastinating” for the next thirty minutes, cuddled up beside the harry bed keeper. I’m pretty sure I’ll be productive after that.

The harry bed keeper, Boone 🐱

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