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I just…SOLC ‘22 (30/31)

It occurred to me the other day that I have been saying things like, “I just stay at home now.” “I just made chicken for dinner.” “I just ran twice this week.” “I just skied the easy terrain.” “I just read one chapter.” “I just cleaned the house today.” “I just took the kids to school.” “I just wrote one blog post.” “I just hiked one trail this week.” “I just texted one person to check in.” “I just taught elementary and middle school ESL.”

You get it. I could go on. Honestly though, “just” staying at home means more than sitting at my new home. “Just” taking the kids to school and cleaning our home means my kids and family are taken care of. All of the “just” statements in my life encompass more than what meets the eye. When I say I “just” do something, I imply that I should do more, be more; I open the door for comparison. Comparison is the thief of joy.

It’s time I start being ok with the “justs” in my life. It’s time to be proud of some of those “justs”. My “just” list is particular to me and this season. It will change. It won’t look like anyone else’s and that is “just fine” by me.

“JUST” hanging out in car rider line to Uber kids to their evening activities
🚗 👧 👦

12 thoughts on “I just…SOLC ‘22 (30/31)

  1. This was a highly impactful slice for me. This is what I have been dealing with on spring break. I question why I feel that I have to move the world every single day in order to feel validated. Sometimes it’s OK to “just rest” and to trust that what I do is enough and right.

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  2. It’s always interesting when we pay attention to our language — a closer look — and notice the quirks of speech and writing. You seem to be a lot more than “just” any of those identities (and I see your mom and dad say so, too — what a great response)

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  3. Came to reply on the post, but now I’m focused on the beautiful reply from your folks. So sweet! But yes, your reflection on the word “just” really resonated. We need to stop minimizing the things we do with that little word.

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  4. I know this tendency and your examples rang like an alarm in my ear. So familiar! Social comparison can easily lead us off track and noticing when our language takes us there is half the battle. Thanks for your candor.

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