Right now I am…SOLC ‘22 (28/31)

This post is inspired by a post I read yesterday by a fellow slicer. Check out Sally Donnelly over at readandwritebysally.wordpress.org. (Typically I’d link that but my WordPress is being finicky today. It’s Monday…)

Right now I am…

Sitting: I’m sitting on my side porch. The weather is beautiful.

Wondering: I’m wondering when my friends will stop by with the ice packs I left in our VRBO this weekend. I probably won’t see them again until I go to Kentucky with the kids in June.

Savoring: I’m savoring the dairy free blue cheese dressing I just ate with my veggies. I usually hate blue cheese but I’m sold on this stuff.

Avoiding: I’m avoiding getting up. Getting up means more laundry to fold and more house to clean.

Hoping: I’m hoping when we use our side deck this spring and summer, we will meet more neighbors. I think our diagonal neighbors speak Spanish. I need to learn more and brush up on what I know.

Hearing: I’m hearing the sounds of construction, back up beepers on trucks, and the occasional plane flying overhead. The sump pump dumps water between my house and my neighbors with a gurgle every ten minutes or so.

Crafting: I’m crafting this slice, which if I’m honest, I did not want to do.


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