Foothills…SOLC ‘22 (27/31)

We live in the front range foothills beside the Rockies. We’ve been noticing that the foothills are changing. When I drive my kids to school in the morning they are looking a little less white and brown and a little more tinged with green. You can really notice rock formations, crags, and flat red rock faces. It’s beautiful. Spring is here.

I’ve also noticed the hills “disappear” right before storm. They don’t really disappear but they’re covered in so much fog that it looks like you’re looking straight through the gray, pale sky. We always know a storm is coming when our hills disappear.

These foothills also guide us home. When I see them, I know we’re getting close. They act as a guidepost. I still get a slight feeling of excitement when I see them. They are just as grand as any mountain I’ve ever seen.

These hills are metaphors for life. We change as the seasons shift and change around us. Sometimes we change because we have to, sometimes we just have the opportunity.

Sometimes in life we can’t quite see ahead of ourselves. We get so focused on the storm clouds rolling in, nothing else seems to matter. We just have to remember those hills come back, you see so clearly when the storms move out. You appreciate those majestic beings when you get to see them once again.

My hills🤍⛰

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