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Letters Part 2: A letter to my future self…SOLC ‘22 (26/31)

I did an exercise similar to this with my 5th grade students years ago. They wrote letters to their future selves, addressed them, and I sent them out when they were graduating high school.

Dear Future Self, (Annalee, circa 2042)

I hope you are well. I have some questions for you so here goes…

1. Did you ever write that book?

2. Are you still living in Colorado?

3. Where are your kids now? What did they need up doing in life? Is Eli a neurosurgeon? Is Maddy a pediatric therapist? (What they wanted to be 20 years ago.) Did you guys go on that family mission trip?

4. Did Brian ever make Vice President? How did his career end up? He made so many sacrifices, you made so many too. How are you guys? You’ve been married now for almost forty years. What’s the secret sauce?

5. How are mom and dad? They would be 85 and 88 now, right? Who are they living with? By themselves? You?

6. How did life end up for your nephews? Where do they work now and do they have families of their own?

7. What about your sister? Did she finish her Masters? Did she go back to the counseling and social work setting?

8. How’s Boone? What a sweet orange cat he was and a joy for the kids years ago as we moved all over creation.

9. Did you ever through hike any trails that you dreamed of hiking? Did you go to Croatia with Brian? I hope you did. Did you start the B&B? Have a house at the beach? Stay in the mountains?

10. How are you? I’m sure the last 20 years have been something for you. They’ve probably made you stronger, more tired, happier and maybe even sadder at times. I’m sure you’ve had to make hard decisions. I can’t believe you’re 62 now. I hope you’re smiling and enjoying life wherever you are.

Love, Annalee (the former one, circa 2022)


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