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To do or not to do…is it even a question?

I am peering at the end of fall break and while it makes me sad, I think I’m ready for the impending holidays to come. A season of visiting family and friends, a time to reflect and breathe.

I actually used this past week to do just that. I had a list, I always do. However, nearly nothing on that list was completed. I spent time sipping coffee a little later each morning, listening to and reading books, hiking, taking a short family trip and celebrating two precious birthdays.

I realized over the last few weeks that my threshold for doing, for completing my lists, for pushing myself is changing. I no longer have the capacity to go full throttle. My brain and body tell me otherwise.

So at the end of this fall break, I reflect on the fact that I am entering a new season, a season of perhaps not just doing less but being more intentional with my yes.

How are you presently protecting your peace?


2 thoughts on “To do or not to do…is it even a question?

  1. Oooo, I love it! Same here…always have lists but I get pickier and pickier about what actually gets accomplished. Now I just write it on the list…’Debbie Time’…which I can do any way I choose-a walk, a long cup of coffee, some art. And then I get to ‘check’ it off the list. Mission accomplished! 🙂

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