A sweet gift SOLC ‘22 (22/31)

I remember the day Brian brought the little puppy, red bow and all, to school. I was a reading intervention teacher then in West Virginia. All of my colleagues “Oo-ed and awed” over the pup and then he was swept away.

I remember going to Wal-Mart after school and getting all the puppy things I could fit in my cart. I had no clue what was in store for me.

I had no clue that this little tiny fur ball would be the best companion for the next thirteen years. I had no idea the void of loss would be slowly filled by this sweet boy. I had no idea the amount of times a dog could go out so much. I also had no idea how stubborn a dog could be.

I had no idea that this little pup would be so jealous of our first baby. I had no idea that they would later become friends. I had no idea that this dog would be a permanent fixture as we grew our family. I had no idea that looking back at family photos, this little pup would be in almost every one in some way, perched on the couch, laying next to a baby crib, longingly waiting for table scraps under a cooing toddler, or lazily dreaming beside a Christmas tree.

I had no idea this boundless ball of energy would one day slow down, eyes clouding, no less full of love. I had no idea I would never really sleep through the night again because of our midnight potty breaks. I had no idea the miles we would cover on our walks at the Hurricane City Park, then around the neighborhood in Stuart Hall, and finally in Eagle Ridge.

I had no idea that I would spend so much time to make you comfortable during those last years. So much time at the vet, money for medications, time cleaning up messes.

I had no idea I could love a pup so much but I did.

In memory of Scooter P. Peters. You drove everyone else crazy because you were really “mine”.

Scooter P. 🤍

8 thoughts on “A sweet gift SOLC ‘22 (22/31)

  1. Wow. Love the structure here. We know death is part of life but the “no idea” factor on how it will affect us, despite knowing this, is the thing, isn’t it? Beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing, and while I am very sorry for your loss, I am happy about all the things listed here that you gained through learning with your pup.

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