My Rambling Autobiography…SOLC ’22 (23/31)

Here’s my “rambling autobiography”. This is a fun way to let people into your life while also remembering a few fun things that you may have forgotten about yourself. I am using inspiration from Slowing Down the Moments Blog. (Thanks again!) I hope these directions inspire you to create your own.

I was born in the middle of July, in the full heat, on a Tuesday after a full moon in Beckley, West Virginia. I adore a hot cup of coffee in the morning and a lingering glass of wine in the evening. I bought my first car from an old man who swore the car was in “mint” condition only to feed it more oil than gas. I snuck a pair of earrings out of a jewelry store in the mall when I was a kid and then got so scared that I returned them on the counter without saying a word. That same year, I realized that your friends can get you in a lot of trouble. I can still hear my old radio playing and the sound of my small voice, shy, calling 103.7 requesting a song only to record it on my cassette player as it played. I can still smell my old grade school- bleach, crayons, paper and cafeteria food. I loved that place. I smile when I realize we own a cat now. I never would have believed I would have moved twice in less than a year, and survived, with a teenager and preteen in tow. I remember my grandpa’s wheelchair and playing dominoes on the floor at his house during family gatherings. I am a wife and mom, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, writer, runner, reader, hiker; somewhat sitting in the “in-between” of life. I am sad sometimes and happy most. I know that without Jesus my life would be a complete wreck. I like to bake only to eat what I make, even if it isn’t great. I smile when I think about the tree I used to climb in my front yard and the many “read-a-thons” I had with my sister. My favorite place is outside-to be outside and hiking, anywhere. Sometimes I need solitude, but I also need solid friendships. I like to talk and often I ramble. I want to write a book, I think I have a few inside, we’ll see.


8 thoughts on “My Rambling Autobiography…SOLC ’22 (23/31)

  1. So many ideas, each a potential start to a slice. Do you day hikes or backpacking? And I wonder how long the ‘more oil than gas’ car was a part of your life. Here’s to hoping you don’t move again anytime soon.

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    1. Kristi- right now I just do day hikes because my life is not conducive to backpacking but I plan on being intentional to create some backpacking trips in the future. The oil wasn’t too long. Just through high school but long enough. And moving, yep. Same here. Thanks for reading.🙃


  2. This is such a lovely and meaningful slice — it totally grabs the reader and takes on a ride through your life. I loved the school smells — so cozy — and the detail of playing dominoes on the floor. I think I’ll have to try this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Ramona! I really appreciate you reading today and stopping by. I’ve always wanted a big front porch that I could sit on and share stories with others. My blog is an extension of that.


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