Snow Socials… SOLC ‘22 (18/31)

Yesterday’s snow was ridiculously wet for the region I live in. As I shoveled snow, it felt more like bailing buckets of water on the end of my shovel. As I sloshed through my sidewalk and drive, other neighbors emerged to do the same.

We shoveled side by side, noting the weather, the heaviness of the snow, the insufficient drainage in our neighborhood. Another neighbor came out to update us on a knee replacement surgery he just had. We continued on to complete his driveway for him. I met a new neighbor and spoke to another I hadn’t seen in weeks.

I love living in a place where it is necessary to come out of our homes and complete one simple task. It’s like we are a unified front against the snow, moving and shuffling it around. It’s a time to connect and say hello, to work side by side and then smile after we realize our job is complete.

It makes me look forward to the next snow. See you Monday, friends.

Snow shoveling ❄️🤍
Getting it done ❄️ 💪

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