The possibility of “firsts”…SLOC ‘22 1/31

So here’s the thing. I never “meant” to do this. To be a part of a month long commitment to blogging and sharing. This is a first for me.

Just like last Saturday was a first for me. As I sat in a writing workshop facilitated by Dr. Carla Brown, I was inspired to write. Not only write, but share my writing. That was the first writing workshop I had ever attended that was not mandated by a school system as professional development. It was a first and it was freeing.

This year I have moved twice in six months- a first. We have never moved so much and I wouldn’t recommend it-especially with teens and preteens.

Today is my son’s first birthday celebration in our brand new state- eleven years old. A first for him, a first for me as a first time mom of an 11 year old.

This year I taught middle school- a first. The bond I made with my students completely outweighed the hormones and eye rolls so prevalent with that age.

This year, I saw big horn sheep while hiking-another first. I hike, a lot so this was a beautiful reminder that God’s Creation is vast and diverse everywhere I go.

This year I have lived close to the coast and now mountains frame my street view. That’s a first.

This year, I said “see ya later” to more friends and family than I’d like to. I packed up my home(s) twice. My kids have started new schools-twice. A first for us all.

Firsts are sometimes amazing. I find most firsts are hard. In this year of firsts, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned about myself and others. I’ve grown more deeply rooted in my faith in Jesus Christ.

This community is a first for me. I’m learning to welcome the possibility of “firsts” in my life.


5 thoughts on “The possibility of “firsts”…SLOC ‘22 1/31

  1. I’m thrilled that your path crossed with Carla’s and that you’re here now. WELCOME to our writing community, Annalee.
    I, too, have an 11-year-old kiddo. We moved right before the pandemic so I still feel new in town.

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  2. Welcome! I’ve only “met” Carla Brown through this challenge (2nd timer) and wow, for you to have experienced her wisdom. Enjoy your time here and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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  3. With all of those firsts to live through, leaning on your faith in a Savior is about the only way to do it! Welcome to SOL! I hope it’s a first that you really enjoy.

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  4. So many firsts! And yes, I’m with you on finding firsts hard–more so lately than earlier in my life. We only have so much bandwidth after all. I liked how writing about firsts allowed you to introduce so many different aspects of your life. This post serves as a wonderful introduction to you! Welcome to slicing!


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