A friendly farming reminder

I was reminded of a post I made here a few years ago. I took a picture of a message board that read, “The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.” It’s a hard life lesson, all this patience. It makes us better or bitter, pulling us into God’s incomprehensible fold or pushing us to our own self sufficiency.

There is a tree called a carob tree. When the seed for a carob tree is planted it typically takes 70 years for the tree to grow and mature to the point of bearing fruit.

Think of that. Planting something that you most likely will never enjoy the fruits of. Yet, what if we started “planting” in our lives with a farmer mentality? Even if we don’t see the fruit, we continue to plow the soil and sow the seeds that God has placed in our hands.

Below is that blog post about planting. It is a good reminder for me now. Keep plowing and praying through.

A Carob tree at full maturity

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