Goals…Intentional Bible Study and memorization

I’m 25 days into this new year and I’m still learning to be intentional. If you’re going to be intentional about something, you must have a goal and a plan to achieve that goal. Dreams and wishes are great but that’s all they are unless you do something about them.

So this year, I am continuing my journey through the Bible using a chronological plan from You Version. The plan is called “As it Happened” and is a great way to get an understanding of the order of when things happened in the Bible.

My goal is to finish this by July. I also want to memorize scripture so what will that look like?

To memorize scripture I have used BibleMinded which is a great app to add parts of scripture and quiz yourself-you can retype it or restate the verse. My goal is to memorize the first 3 chapters of the Psalms by December.

Another step to reaching a goal is figuring out your why. Why are you setting this goal? As a believer, I understand that hiding the Word in my heart is one way I can be more effective in this world. I can combat the lies around me with truth from the Word and I can stay grounded in the promises that God has made for me. Also, reading the Bible is a way that we can know God more. We will probably never understand Him fully and comprehended His ways this side of heaven, but He has given us this beautiful guide book and letter to be read and used daily.

So whatever your goal, be intentional and get after it.


Help me to set a goal and stick to it. Give me wisdom and focus as your Holy Spirit guides me to work toward my goals daily.



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