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Detours and muddy shoes

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan. Sometimes they work out better. Sometimes they just work out and you honestly don’t know why things go the way they did.

This weekend was like that. On our way to celebrate my nephew’s 15th birthday, we were caught in a road detour when we encountered black ice halfway to WV. We watched as a car in front of us do a complete 180 degree turn and head straight for us. To say we were shaken is an understatement. Eli screamed from the back seat about not wanting to die and I prayed louder and harder than I have in awhile. Our angels held that car from hitting us but as we passed numerous other wrecks, we knew going further wasn’t an option. Brian called a friend in the area and he and his wife were kind enough to put us up until Saturday when we could get the rest of the way to WV in one piece. It was a rare moment to spend with these friends who are welcoming their first daughter in April.

Finally in WV, we enjoyed sweet family time, complete with a birthday party, watching teenage boys play video games and listening to my dad play guitar and sing.

We headed home today but stopped at my grandma’s for a quick hello. She loaded my kids with candy and hugs. She told us about walking to school in knee deep snow. It was precious grandma memories.

As soon as we got home, we threw our bags out and headed to the woods for a hike. On the hike we trudged through mud that caked every part of our shoes. It was about as good as a Sunday afternoon gets.

This weekend was not perfect but really, sometimes detours and muddy shoes are the things that fill the heart and soul.



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