Resolutions continued…{prayer}

So it’s January 19th and hopefully your still holding strong to whatever resolutions you have set.

To continue my last post on prayer, I wanted to share one more thing that I have added to my prayer journal this year.

I love getting Christmas cards and I hate throwing them away so this year I decided to incorporate them into my prayer journal.

Here’s what I do: I simply keep the cards in my prayer journal in one of the sections in the back. I choose one card weekly to pray over so I may pray for my cousin’s family in Virginia one week and my neighbor beside me the next. I love the visual reminder of each family member. To take it one step further, send them a quick text and let them know you prayed for them this week. You may really bless someone when they need it most.

That’s it for today folks! Recycle those Christmas cards into prayer cards this year and reach out to the people that sent them to you. ❤️


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