A season of change

A little over three months ago, we said goodbye to the only home my children can remember to move to a new city eight hours away in which none of us had really ever been to.

The last few months have been hard to say the least. We had such an amazing community and network of people that moving grieved our hearts with the loss of that.

We have been slowly finding our place within our neighborhood, our jobs, the kids at their schools, and a new church. It doesn’t come easy-but we are trying. The constant desire to compare to what we had often deters from what we have now. Tears have been shed at the loss of the life we knew.

Yet, we know this change was God-ordained. Every door was opened by Him alone. We know that. Looking back, it’s easy to see but not when you’re in the moment.

The season of change has brought joy too. We have to recall the things God has done for us. He has never let us down.

This season has brought physical death too. We said good-bye on two different realms this week. Good-bye to our dear pastor from Lexington who lost his battle with Covid. We said good-bye to our sweet Scooter P. who is now running and eating all the Dingo bones in heaven.

This season is most likely one that I would not want to repeat but it’s one that has drawn us closer together and closer in our faith. There have been times when we have been angry, sad and even apathetic but we always end up turning back to the peace and joy we have in Christ.

Some seasons are just hard. Some seasons are seasons to rebuild and grow. Growing and rebuilding is hard work that often causes us to rethink and reframe our priorities.

I read today in Nehemiah about how he left a prominent place in Persia to help the people of Jerusalem rebuild the walls around their city. Nehemiah prayed constantly, asked for help and then got to work. With the help of many people, the wall was refortified.

My current season seems a lot like this-hard work and rebuilding. In Nehemiah, he set the people in charge of rebuilding the walls in front of their own homes. They were responsible and took ownership for their homes and intentionally rebuilt the walls.

We are rebuilding, with intention, during this season of change. It’s not easy but we know where our help comes from. He will sustain us to rebuild what He has already gone before us to do.

Lord, Life is full of change, seasons of doubt, hurt and worry. This season is yours-we give it all to you. May we bring glory to you as we rebuild the walls of our life. Amen


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