I don’t remember the exact day and time I met him but I know it was there. I’m sure it was probably at a point when we were both folding T-shirt’s, hanging hats or pricing goggles. The first year we worked together, I didn’t think too much of him. He was a freshman in college and he acted like it. I was a senior in high school and was so much more mature… He was adorable but I didn’t have time for shenanigans.

So the season came and went and the next season, he came back. We were standing around at our employee orientation workday that happened every year. A T-shirt appeared from nowhere as it hurled toward my face. He had clearly matured over the year and had graduated to using primal techniques of communication….BUT I remember turning to look at that smile and well, THAT smile. He asked me out to the movies and here we are 20 years later, 2 kids, a dog, and a mortgage.

We’re about to hit the slopes for ski season with our kids. They’re excited- we all are. This time of year makes me so nostalgic though. I love the winter and the slower pace, spending time with families, the holidays, all of it.

I know this though. As much as I love this season and all of these changes, many people around me don’t. They suffer from the grief of lost loved ones, lost dreams and realities that don’t quite measure up to what they thought they’d have.

So here I am very nostalgic and reflecting. As I reflect on the goodness of the Lord to me in so many seasons, in good ones and in very hard ones. I need to remind myself that there is a friend or a sister or a brother who may be hurting today. They may be unraveling. What can I do to reach out? How can I let them know they are loved in ALL seasons?

I’m so excited to pull up at my childhood home this coming week, see my sister and celebrate with her family, eat ALL the food and make more memories. But I know others may feel like this is the hardest time, the most desolate, the loneliest.

Heavenly Father-Help me reach out to others today. To see beyond myself and to reach out to meet the needs of others around me in some way today. May I be less rushed and more present in my conversations with others. May I use this season (and ALL seasons) to glorify and honor You. Amen


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