Intentional resolutions

I really don’t like New Year’s Eve because of the resolutions. It seems so presumptuous to make all these declarations over your life as if they’ll come true. That’s just it. Most of the time I want to do something, I add it to the resolution list and it just sits there.

I did that in 2018. I had goals, sure. I wanted to write more and eat better. Guess what? I wrote some and ate more. I’m pretty sure my lack of achieving goals is because they have been so loosey goosey. Honestly, I get a little sassy when it comes to goals, roll my eyes and act like, “Me, goals? Oh no, my life is great. No goals needed, thank you very much.” Yep, confession. I mean only people who have derailed lives need to sit down and outline goals for the upcoming year, right? I mean I have this, I do, really. (Insert convincing nod here and assertive wink.)

Nope, just nope. The past few months I struggled with the same things I started the year out with and why? Because I’m an idiot. Ok, not really. I’m a fairly intelligent person (most days) and I can preach until the cows come home about what I should be doing but I have been aiming at lots of things, just no where specific.

So here goes. 2019’s word for me is: (drum roll, please) INTENTIONAL.

Yep, I was praying for some super cool word like adventure, give, create. Honestly, something other than intentional. Really God? Really? And He said, “Yes, really.”

So the word intentional is defined as purposeful in word and action. I need that, yes, God, You know. I need to take aim at my goals INTENTIONALLY, with PURPOSE. So how? Well, maybe it starts with defining goals that are small and attainable and working from there. Enter SMART goals. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based)

So here I am being very real on the 2nd day of 2019. I’ve set goals and even if they are not attained by 2020, I’ll at least be able to know that. And guess what? I may just aim, shoot and hit every goal I set for this year.

So Happy new year. Give yourself grace when you need to and learn that it’s not really even all about you anyways, yep, I wrote that. Reach out, share your time, your home, your life this year. You may be blessed in immeasurable ways, ways even SMART goals can’t attain.


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