Distracted SOLC ’22 (8/31)

Eyes to the ground, distracted.

Pushing through a crowd, distracted.

Talking, not listening, distracted.

Moving past, distracted.

Should I speak? No, they’re too busy, distracted.

I wish someone would listen, they’re all distracted.

“Excuse me.” Diverted eyes, no connection, distracted.

Reading, distracted.

Face to a phone, distracted.

Typing, distracted.

Run, run, walk, move, distracted.

Going forward, doing, distracted.

Here, there, but really, where?

Why? Why are we all so distracted?

After a trip to the store yesterday, I was struck by the overall distraction of everyone around me. Have we lost the art of connection and conversation? Why are we so distracted?


7 thoughts on “Distracted SOLC ’22 (8/31)

  1. “Face to phone, distracted”- it’s an addiction! I like the repetition in this piece, driving home the point that although we are more connected than ever (tech, globalization, pandemic), we are also less connected to one another. Thank you for sharing your slice, and welcome to this community!

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    1. Thank you so much! For some reason the distraction really bothers me yesterday. It’s definitely something we can all get better at-engaging and being present.


    1. Thank you for reading! The distractions are limitless. Limiting inputs is essential. I’m hoping to be more aware of how distracted I am as well.


  2. Hi Annalee (trying really hard not to be distracted). I agree. I also find myself distracted and have to force myself to take a break from audiobooks while I go on my afternoon walks. To put my phone down when speaking with someone. It’s so hard! How did I let this happen? Thank you for posting this, makes me reconsider all the times I do the same.


  3. “Have we lost the art of connection and conversation?” What a loaded question!! I love the poem, the description of exactly what it looks like out in the world sometimes! People are robbing themselves of those spontaneous connections and conversations that can happen in any store! I think we need a lot less distractions and a gazillion more connections! Thanks for sharing!

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