My Chair…SOLC ‘22 (17/31)

My chair has evolved over the years. I’ve always had a special chair that I sit in. No matter where I have lived or what the chair looks like, I have a place that I sit in daily. Most often this place is a place where I sit and pray, think about the day and get ready for what lies ahead.

In Kentucky, it was an oversized dark leather seat. I would turn on the overhead lamp early in the morning before all the other alarms sounded. It was a special place. I prayed a lot there. I even cried there. I learned a lot there. I wrote there. I made decisions there. I even napped there after long days of teaching.

In North Carolina, I would often sit outside on our back porch. The chair and location changed but the reason for sitting there didn’t. I would read, reflect, pray, laugh, watch the deer walk across the golf course.

In Colorado, you can find me in the corner of the living room most early mornings sitting in a patterned chair which used to take up space in our bedroom. I sit in the chair beside the window facing our neighbors’ house. I think, read, write, study, pray and ponder in this seat.

I always sit in my spot, my chair, before beginning the day. Sometimes it’s only ten minutes. Sometimes I sit for an hour. It is special, it is a place of reflection, remembering, of peace and quiet before all the world and it’s chaos seeps in.

My current chair 🪑 in Colorado