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Slipping through my fingers…Being a mom…SOL Tuesday

Being mom means a lot of things. It means 2 am wake-up calls with your baby and then it means 2 am wake-up calls when your teenager has cut curfew.

Being a mom means endless cuddles and moments of just hiding in the bathroom for 2 minutes of peace.

Being a mom means holding your toddlers hands as they learn to walk and letting those same hands go as they walk into school for the first time.

Being a mom means teaching your kids that the stove is too hot, how to spell their names and that running with scissors is a bad idea.

Being a mom means watching your kids grow into mini adults and learning from them too.

Being a mom lately has meant car rides to and from school, soccer, music lessons, and church. It means bringing extra snacks between activities because even bigger little humans get hangry.

Being a mom lately has meant listening to school day recounts in the car, new friends made at school, field day and field trips.

Being a mom lately has meant movies and hikes and walks to the neighborhood park.

Being a mom has also meant dealing with mood swings, unfinished chores, complaining, fear of the unknown and a looming sense that this will all be over before I realize it.

Being a mom meant pulling over to a road side park yesterday and letting my thirteen year old “play”. I know that these moments of solitary time with my little humans will soon be memories.

My sweet 13 year old playing at the park before we picked up her brother