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What do you need? Year end reflections

I love to look back at old journals. I looked back at an entry this morning that I had written a year ago to the day. It was called reflections 2021. I had focused on the word Jireh which means “God will provide” or “Yahweh”. Looking back at 2021 and into 2022, Jireh was the word God had given me to lean on, to focus on in a transitional period of life.

I had written about how God provided for Abraham in Genesis 22. Got tested Abraham’s faith and obedience. Here are a few things that I learned from that passage:

1. Abraham OBEYED even if God asked him to do something he did not want to do and did not understand. V. 3

2. Abraham DECLARED that God would provide. He had no idea how, he may have had to sacrifice Isaac but he knew God was faithful. V. 8

3. God spoke and Abraham STOPPED and LISTENED. V. 11

4. Abraham obeyed AGAIN and God PROVIDED the ram for the sacrifice. V. 11-13 (Abraham didn’t try to find another way. He didn’t try to be self sufficient here. That’s a tough one.)

5. Abraham REFLECTS on what just happened and named the place in remembrance of God‘s provision. “God Will Provide.” V. 14

So what if God didn’t provide the ram and Abraham had to kill his son? Would God still be good? Would God still be our Jireh, our provider? Yes.

It doesn’t always make sense. I can’t imagine the tears that trickled down Abraham’s face as he walked ahead of Isaac, trying to hide them from his little boy. I can’t imagine how his heart beat that morning as he gathered the supplies for the sacrifice. I can’t imagine the doubts and questions that crossed his mind. I wonder how sick he felt as he realized he would soon sacrifice his own flesh and blood. Yet, Abraham obeyed. He believed in Yahweh’s provision beyond human understanding.

2022 has been a year where I have clung to the provisions of God. Yahweh has provided time and time again. He didn’t ask me to sacrifice my flesh and blood but He has asked me to do things I didn’t want to or fully understand. He has asked me to let go of a lot of things and cling to Him. I have been angry, frustrated, scared, unknowing and even blatantly disobedient, yet He has always provided.

So what do you need? I think the end of every year is a good time reflect. If we don’t make time to reflect, we don’t learn from our past, we don’t gain insight for our future decisions.

So what do you need? Again. Think about that question. As a Christ follower, I know, like Abraham, that God will provide my needs. It may be messy and strange and make no sense but He is always Jireh. No need to help His sufficient, all knowing hand, He’s got you. He knows what you need.


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