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We all have appointments. We make dentist appointments, doctor appointments, appointments to get a massage or get a hair cut. Schedules and appointments seem to govern most of our time, stealing our days.

Today I took Eli to his hair appointment at the barber his dad usually takes him too. It’s definitely a “guy spot” complete with mug shot posters of Frank Sinatra. We walked in ready to go only to find out his hair appointment is actually TOMORROW.

So we enjoyed sandwiches and treats at the coffee shop nearby and walked the downtown streets finding a game and a few books to boot. We went to a general store and bought candy. We talked and just spent time together.

We hadn’t planned this lunch appointment but I wouldn’t have traded this time. Sometimes a mishap can lead to the best memories. Stolen bits of time are treasures we can never get back.

Today was the sweetest of times with my boy. Until tomorrow, manly barber shop.


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