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Coming, going and the in between…SOL Tuesday

It’s always been that way-the coming and going. The arriving and leaving. The hello’s and the good-bye’s.

Since leaving home for college, I’ve had my share of homecomings and my share of memories. I can see my parents standing at the glass door of their old house, waving good-bye until next time. I drove hundreds of miles between Daniels, WV and Huntington, WV.

Fast forward time and I was married, moving a few counties and an hour and a half away. The reunions were often and the good-bye’s covered in hugs and kisses from growing children. Many miles were driven from West Virginia to Kentucky and back again. A few hundred from North Carolina to West Virginia.

Now the miles are covered by plane from West Virginia to Colorado by my family and then from Kentucky to Colorado by my in-laws. The hellos take place in airport pick up lines and the goodbyes in the same lines as we drop them off to fly thousands of miles away.

There is a part of me that longs for no more good-byes. For everyone to live together, for closeness, for no more plane tickets or car rides. I would love to take a car ride and be at Sunday dinner with the family or invite them to the kids’ concerts and games knowing they will be there. I would love to call my old friends and invite them over for a porch chat.

That is not my reality. So in between the coming and going, we make memories. We buy plane tickets and we drive hundreds of miles. We hike icy hills to see frozen lakes. We try new foods, play games together, cook meals together, take walks, watch my kids’ activities. We ski, we snowshoe, we laugh, we get annoyed at each other. We are normal and we live side by side, in a cramped little house-all for the in between.

It’s the moments in between that really make the coming and going worth it. Thanks for the memories, until next time…🤍

My family with my sister and my nephew at frozen Nymph Lake in RMNP.
My kiddos with my in-laws after a candy factory tour
My parents and my kiddos before a little hike
Me and my sister at Garden of the Gods
Me and some of my best pals snowshoeing
Skiing with our sweet Kentucky friends and neighbors

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