Pruning and propagating…SOL Tuesday 🍃

I have a large monstera plant that was gifted to me when we moved to Colorado back in January. This plant has grown like no other plant I’ve owned. A friend who was visiting me this weekend suggested that I cut back some of the plant and propagate it.

So I’ve done just that. I have cut back a few branches and placed them in water to grow roots. Hopefully I’ll be able to replant them and this once one pot monstera will have spread over multiple containers to be given away or placed in other corners of the house.

When I think of propagation, I think of pruning. When you cut something away that is not necessary anymore it allows for more growth. The plant that has been cut away from now has more room to grow and becomes stronger in a sense.

I think I’m being pruned and propagated right now. I’m not growing green monstera leaves but I’m learning how to leave anxiety behind and become more strongly rooted in joy. Resentment and fears are being pruned away in this season of life to reveal richer relationships with friends and family.

We are pretty much like big green plants I guess. Water, sunlight and a little pruning go a long way.


8 thoughts on “Pruning and propagating…SOL Tuesday 🍃

  1. Annalee, I am thinking that your last two paragraphs would make a great inspirational quote with your photo. I agree that water, sunlight, and a little pruning are good tips to maybe help me learn how to row and indoor plant. For now, I started with a small herb garden. It is too cold to grow them outside yet. If you consider combining your thoughts and your photo into an inspirational quote image poem, I would love to showcase that at my Poetryliscious Gallery (invitation is at my slice).

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      1. Analee, I just read your prose poem. Great Job! I need your name on the poem or in the title section, plus your email and Twitter, Facebook handles/user names to add you to the credit. Thanks for offering your work.

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      2. Hello! Thank you for contacting me. I have tried to re-enter your WordPress site but it keeps saying it is down for maintenance. You are more than welcome to mark the poem as written by Annalee Peters and add my email and blog: annaleep@gmail.com



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