Iron sharpens iron (SOL Tuesday)

I’ve had more conversations with this friend than I can count. Today we talked about life, her upcoming trip to see me, what to pack, what we would do.

Then it got real. As it usually does. You see, she is one of my inner circle, my people, she knows me and she doesn’t judge what I say or how I might respond to her. We are open and we are authentic. Sometimes we are over the top and sometimes we just rant about life. Sometimes we hurt each other and we apologize.

These conversations are necessary, a therapy of sorts. Although miles away, we laugh and we share our cynicism about life and we know it will truly be ok.

So, conversations can be therapy right? It’s ironic that we both agreed we needed and will obtain a therapist in the near future. I’m sure we will have lots to talk about soon.


5 thoughts on “Iron sharpens iron (SOL Tuesday)

  1. Conversations CAN be therapy – ask anybody who goes to a hair salon! It’s so important to have a friend you can be your true self with – someone who helps lighten the burdens of life and brings layers of enjoyment. Love the reference to Proverbs in your title – friends do sharpen one another and make each other stronger.

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  2. We all need friends like the one you have. Talking time is great therapy for whatever troubles us. Check out my slice for a special invitation during National Poetry Month.


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