Coffee mugs SOLC ‘22 (16/31)

There are two new coffee mugs that take residence in my cabinet. My mom and dad love coffee mugs so naturally, they bought mugs this past week that would hold their jumbo amounts of “church coffee”. (I call their coffee that because it’s a bit weak and watery, like the kind in the large silver carafes at any old church basement or pot luck.)

We just said “good-bye” to them a couple of hours ago. It feels different knowing your family can’t just hop in a car and see you. Across the country feels…well, across the country.

I wish I could pop over to see my mom and dad for a quick coffee. I wish I could make sure they are at every soccer game and viola concert my kids have. I wish holidays didn’t take so much logistical planning. I wish we were less than a day’s drive away.

So with that, I’ll just have a cup of coffee every now and then in the mugs they left here. I’ll smile and think about their silly remarks and their quirkiness. I’ll smile and just be thankful to have them. Thankful my kids and husband have them. Thankful for their unchanging love and encouragement

So, until next time mom and dad. Cheers! (“Church coffee” and all.)


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