The worst thing you can buy SOLC ‘22 (15/31)

I’ve bought lots of stupid things in my life but the one thing that keeps rearing it’s ugly head-putty. Like the kind of putty that my kids always want. The putty that smells like cotton candy or has glitter in it or some gimmicky thing to make my children so intrigued that they have to beg me to buy the ten dollar two ounce can of sludge.

It’s sticky, disgusting and one you’ve opened it and rolled it around it gets lint and dirt trapped in it. Then you have lint and dirt putty.

When it gets stuck in carpet, forget about it. There is still putty stuck in carpet in our house in Kentucky that originated ten years ago.

Yet, even at ages eleven and thirteen, my kids are drawn to this stuff. It’s like a child magnet at every gift shop in the continental United States. This magnet sucks every kid to it and also implants an automatic response, “Ooh, I love this. It won’t go in the carpet-this time. Can I have it, pleeeaaase??”

Nope. Today I’m drawing the line at putty. We are doing a few touristy things with my parents today and inevitably there will be a gift shop. In that gift shop, there will be putty. Today will be a day of boundaries. Today I will not buy stupid things like putty.

The putty my son had to have-now laying alone underneath his desk, on the carpet. 🙈

10 thoughts on “The worst thing you can buy SOLC ‘22 (15/31)

  1. They know how to target their audience, don’t they! I teach 6th grade in a middle school, and so many kids have it. It started out being a fidget for kids who needed it, but now it is a fad. Hopefully, these will pass just like the fidget spinners and pop-its! Good luck with drawing your line!


  2. Oh man….. I bet you could write a post every single day on what not to buy! This post made me think of those sticky shapes, usually people, with really long arms and you throw them at the wall or whatever and they are supposed to stick. I thought those would be a good addition to the 1st grade treasure box, boy was I wrong!

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  3. What is it that compels (some of) us to roll the putty between our fingers? What need does it satisfy? And, do they mean to make it so sticky?

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  4. Yikes, I didn’t think about the carpet. My niece got some “thinking putty” for Christmas. I didn’t even think about it being like the silly putty of yore. But it pretty much is. And yeah, can totally get stuck in the carpet! Luckily, she’s been really careful with it though. Has only had it in her hands so there’s no yuck in it. Yet.

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  5. OMG…I raised my brood in the 70’ and 80’s and back then it was Silly Putty, which I hated. I feel you pain. For awhile my grands were into Slime…right up there with putty. Just say no!

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