Today’s Headlines SOLC ’22 (10/31)

Head lines from a day in the life… March 10, 2022…

“A Sweet Reunion takes place in Littleton, Colorado: Mawmaw and Pawpaw fly across the country.”

“Uber Driver drives through a small snowstorm to get grandparents to their grandchildren. Grandparents are convinced the driver was an angel.”

“Mom struggles to take kids to school after a snowstorm: Why can’t we just have a snow day?”

“Breaking News: Teenager miraculously gets ready on time to be dropped off at school ten minutes early.””

“Peloton preaches to middle aged mom: Maybe she just set a PR.”

“Neighbor shovels driveway after snow storm: a random act of kindness.”

“Car line pick up: why do kids not wear coats when it’s winter time?”

“Music is medicine: Teenage girl plays viola in local orchestra.”

“Local boy reads his book fair book overnight in order to lend the book to a friend. He says “It was the last one and my friend wanted it too.” Kindness is not dead.”

“Precious secret revealed: Local mom’s close friend is pregnant-again.”

“Hearts are broken: Utah woman reveals her father’s struggle with cancer, asks friend for prayer.”

“Surprise! A Kentucky woman sends gifts to best friend making her smile, making her whole day.”


7 thoughts on “Today’s Headlines SOLC ’22 (10/31)

  1. I loved the way I read this in my head. My intonation completely matched that of a voice I’d expect yelling a headline from wherever headlines are yelled nowadays. A neat way to share lots of bits. Best to those friends struggling and fist bumps to the book fair book sharer.

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  2. Clever, clever format. The news was interesting and certainly spanned the breadth of emotions. I, too, would love to try this out. Thanks for sharing.


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