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A Merry Covid Christmas…

We will be hunkered down for the next 10-14 days as we recover from Covid. We are truly alright though. At this point, symptoms are mild and we are more tired and bored than anything. We sure pray it stays this way.

When I think about all the things that have happened this year, the disappointments, the changed plans, and the hurt we have all experienced to some degree, it seems like we could all throw our hands up and forget about it. Forget about Christmas. Forget about it all. But we can’t.

Here’s why we can’t forget about Christmas. Christmas came to us, for us, in the form of a baby to save us. I think of the fear in Mary’s heart when the Angel told her she’d have the Savior of the world. The fear of the Shepherds when the angels said to go find the baby. The fear of the wise men when they knew they had to change course to go home because Herod would kill them otherwise.

Fear is a theme not too distant to this past year. Fear of the unknown, fear of what others think of our personal health and political decisions, and even fear of death for some.

So that’s why we can’t forget Christmas. Christmas reminds me as a Jesus follower that Jesus was called Immanuel, God with us. Jesus was God in flesh. Of course no one even knew all that he would do when he was born. He was just a baby, in a barn born to some wide-eyed kids. He didn’t belong to anyone really important. He started as an outcast.

Jesus is still God with us, Immanuel. That Christmas story you read once a year is true. It means he IS HERE NOW. He is with you, even when you feel like an outcast or completely alone. He’s been there.

So even if we are having a Covid Christmas and we would like to just forget this entire year, He is still with us. If you are a Jesus follower, hold onto that deep in your soul and spread the peace that comes from knowing Him to everyone you meet. If you don’t know Jesus or just think the story is cute but could not be real, I’m sure you’re in good company. I even wonder about it sometimes. How could it be? A savior born in a barn to live a life as an outcast to eventually die for the sins of the free world. It honestly sounds a little messed up. But then it also sounds a lot like love. The reverse of what the world deems love but true sacrificial love that comes down to us on a Covid Christmas and eases our fears because he is with us, Immanuel.


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