Little things…

Yesterday evening, I listened to my daughter and my husband talking. They were cooking and my daughter was singing and talking about everything and nothing, all at the same time. I was listening from our office. It was so sweet to sit back and hear this conversation.

It’s kind of like the times I find Maddy and Eli laughing and playing, building a fort or making something, together.

It’s like the moments I wake up to a little boy staring at me and asking for breakfast and a hug.

The moments I hear my kids practicing viola or piano and it sounds so sweet and I notice the progress of hard work.

It’s the moments when I haven’t seen my family in weeks and I finally see them and hug them, smelling all the scents that remind me of home.

It’s the mornings when I make a second cup of coffee and bring it upstairs to wake my husband up with a kiss.

The puzzles and games around our dining room table, meals in the kitchen and movies in the living room.

It’s watching my daughter sit in the same rocking chair that I remember racing my grandma to when I was a little kid.

It’s neighbors and friends checking in and offering help or just showing up, being there.

It’s like a Sunday afternoon hike with family to the place you love the most.

So, with all these little things, I guess I need to remember that one day, those are the big things we will remember. The trips are great and the big moments in life too. Yet, I know deep in my heart that these little moments are what make the biggest memories.


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