What time is it?

No, not literally. I mean quarantine can make you forget the day of the week much less the time of day but I’ve been thinking a lot about the cycle of life lately. I’ve been super reflective probably due to the extra time in quarantine.

The Holy Spirit led me to read Ecclesiastes tonight-chapter three. King Solomon (the wisest man that ever lived) is talking about the right time to do things. There is a time for birth and a time for death…a time to plant and a time to reap… This writing is absolutely beautiful and poetic and brazenly full of real life truth.

Life is so full. It is absolutely so rich. It is deeply hard and God fills it daily with His love and His providential hand is at work even when we have no clue.

So what time is it for you? If you need to cry, cry. Time for a laugh, go for it. Maybe it’s time to rest, maybe it’s time to put some things down you’ve been holding onto and step out in faith. Maybe it’s time to sow some good seed or finally reap the reward of faithfulness. Maybe it’s just time to enjoy your family, read a book, enjoy a beautiful plate of food, a glass of wine or marvel at God’s handiwork outdoors. Whatever it is, do it and thank God for the ability and resources He has given you for this life.


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