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A letter from quarantine to my future self…

Dear Future Self,

You’re probably rushing around to get somewhere. Hopefully you’ve learned to give yourself more margin but let’s be real, I know you.

That list of to-do’s is a mile long and your time is short. I’m sure your heart is beating fast and your mind is racing as you try to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together as you schedule your day, your week, and the months ahead.

Most activities have probably started to become routine, normal, even mundane. Most days you probably wish you didn’t HAVE to do all the things you do. You really just want to check out, prop your feet up, maybe just stay home today.

But wait a minute. Remember when you did stay home, that time in quarantine because of Covid-19? When masks were in demand and everyone stood 6 feet apart? You had a “break”; a change in routine from all your “have to’s” but what did you think?

You missed all those “have to” things. You never thought you’d miss going to work, dropping your kids off at soccer practice or eating at a restaurant as much as you did. You never thought you’d miss a friendly face to face conversation, a hug or seeing someone without the delay of bad internet or a masked face.

You’re probably wishing you could take a break, skip the appointment, skip the dinner date with friends, take a break from church, just sit one out. But remember that time you had to? That time you realized all the things you had to do were simply things you were blessed to get to do.

So go, do the thing. You’ll be glad you did. Oh, and give someone a big hug if you get the chance.


Annalee (the one in Quarantine 2020)


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