Anxious for nothing

I can’t really say that we aren’t anxious right now. We all seem to be on pins and needles waiting to see how all of this turns out.

I’m currently sitting in a doctor’s office (yikes) and was quarantined because I left the country 2 months ago. Masked and all, I sat until the nurse came in and told me I had the all clear. I was given a time out of life for over an hour though. Talk about social distancing.

So, do we panic, buy all the toilet paper and sanitizer we can? Do we hunker down and wait or go about our daily lives? Do we replay worst case scenarios over and over or focus our minds on what is good and true?

I’m in the middle camp here. I want to respect the authorities that tell me to have a heathy dose of fear but I don’t want to run to the extreme camp of TP hoarding and black market sanitizer.

Here’s why. At the end of the day, at the end of this virus, even at the beginning really, my hope lies in trusting that God is sovereign and His plans are good. Pandemic and all. State of emergency and all. 1 Peter 5:7 says to cast all our anxiety on Him because He cares for us. Not only that but I don’t just put my hope in what the authorities say or tell us to do. Yes, I respect them but my hope and trust is in the Lord. Man will fail me, I will get false information and I could be mislead. Psalm 20:7 says some trust in chariots and some trust in horses but we trust in the name of the Lord.

So as for us, we will use these next few weeks of life disruptions as time to spend with each other, get outdoors, catch up on some reading and Netflix, and be mindful of ways people around us may need help. We will trust the sovereignty of God and know He is good even in uncertainty. John 16:33 is interesting because Jesus promises that we will have trouble in this world (thanks Adam and Eve!) but He also promises peace and that He will overcome the world.

So, what are you trusting in? The news? Social media? Are you constantly watching the stock market rise and fall? Are you trusting in your job or social status or maybe all your accomplishments? Or are you at your wit’s end and have no clue what to do? Wherever you land, there is Someone who has a plan and you can trust in. That doesn’t mean life will be easy and you will escape pain but you will have certainty that no matter what He loves you and is for you.

Dear God, We are heading head first into a period of uncertainty and it is easy to panic and stress out over things we don’t know or can’t control. The truth is that only You control our lives anyways and you are for us even when it seems like things are falling apart. Focus our minds on what is good, right, pure, and true like you tell us in Your word. Let us place our trust in You alone. May we be respectful of this situation but not be controlled by fear. We pray for those that are sick and scared right now. Heal their bodies and minds like only You can. Give us a new appreciation of health and life. Thank you for today. Amen


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