Crazy Cats, Silly Hats and Crooked Stars

I’ve said no to lots of things but I had once said a hard no to having a cat in our home.

Boone’s arrival into our lives was ironic, comical really. I said “never, ever” to a cat and here we are. The cat rules the roost and can be found prowling the counter tops and tables at any given moment. He came into our lives on the exact day that I told my kids, “Never.” I swear, I think God sent the screaming kitten from the heavens and was laughing at me the whole time.

It’s now the Christmas season and Boone loves exploring the tree. Every day we come home to branches displaced and ornaments scattered on the floor. Even the star on top of the tree is often misplaced and dangling from one side or the other as evidence that Boone made his daily summit.

The fact that I’ve said never but here we are is evidence that God is funny. He has a sense of humor and He knows what we need when we need it, even if we think it’s the last thing on earth we want.

So this past week we showed up one day to a package for my kids on the porch from my sister. The box was packed with funny holiday themed hats and gloves and my kids were so excited. A simple gesture created big smiles all around from my kids. We needed those hats that day in the middle of a long day. Just another reminder that God allows simple, silly hats to bring us pleasure and joy.

So the next time I pull Boone from the counter top, look at the crooked star on the Christmas tree or Eli puts on his silly reign deer hat, I’ll be be reminded that God brings things, people (the occasional animal) and circumstances into our lives that we often never anticipated and yet these things can fill us with great joy.

The next time I say never to something I may want to think again.


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