Sitting, waiting, watching

There is a chance our life may be upended in the near future. It’s stressful waiting to find out about job situations and possible relocations and changes in general. It’s easy to tell everyone else to just trust in God, be patient, find growth in the process. Honestly, it’s a hard pill for me to swallow lately.

So today I’m literally sitting, waiting and watching my kids and friends at an amusement park. (I’m not a rider but I’m the best bag holder there is!) I am watching and getting a little bored and tired and anxious. Yes, just as I sit, I’m anxious and I realize I’m anxious because my thoughts are not where they need to be. Instead of focusing on everyone’s joy, laughter, and smiling faces, I’m focused on me-my comfort, my time, when will this be over?When it becomes about me, my anxiety levels sky rocket.

It’s like that in life, I think about the wait, what will happen, how will this affect me, how will this make things different for me? While those things are ok to think about, when I focus solely on those things, I become less willing to trust the process and trust the One in control. I begin to make the plans and call the shots and I become so anxious because, let’s face it-my plans fall way short.

So, I don’t know what your facing, planning or waiting for today but remember as you sit, wait and watch to look for God’s hand in it all, stop focusing on yourself and cast all your cares on Him because He really does care for you. He has good plans for you and there is joy to be found even in the hard places.


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