Paper cups and fine china

I’ve been digging back into the book of Daniel in my Bible study time and it’s so rich with historical references and information as well as indications of eschatology and end time events. Christian or not, believer or not, Jesus follower or not, there are some really interesting historical facts in the book of Daniel and I’d encourage ANYONE to read it.

Ok, so here’s what has really been hitting me hard over the past few weeks. If I am made holy because of God, how is it so easy for me to act unholy? Why do I make decisions that later bring regret?

I could say it’s because I’m human so yes, that’s true but it’s also because I have walked many years believing the God I serve and love is holy but I am not. When I walk daily in the belief that I am unholy, I can make some pretty bad decisions.

I love what Beth Moore says, “The first inappropriate response into the awareness that we’ve treated holy things as unholy is the lack of repentance. The other extreme is debilitating guilt…..God is looking for the healthy response of godly sorrow that brings repentance, not emotional self-mutilation.” See 2 Corinthians 7:10

Ezra 1 recounts when Cyrus kind of Persia sends the exiles of Judah home with all the silver and gold that Nebuchadnezzar stole from the temple. (Remember Daniel and the lions den? The pit? King Neb. is who sent Daniel into those places.)

So the holy vessels were returned and used for there rightful purposes….

For what purpose are we using our vessels today? God wants to use us for good. He doesn’t set the finest articles of silver and gold on a shelf; He uses them.

That’s hard to understand when we see ourselves as paper cups instead of fine china. Remember who you are and Whose you are today.

(Side note…my brother in law called yesterday and asked if I wanted my mother in laws fine china to one day pass to Maddy. I’d never thought of it but I agreed. One day she may want this momento of the people she came from. Maybe she will bring it out and use it at a special dinner reserved for precious people in her life…So at least I know she will have it. If she uses it will be another story.)


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