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Good-bye 108 Vista…

Time hop. You have to love it. The joys of social Media. My most recent time hop pictured our old home in WV. (Insert choking sob here.)

I’ve always had a hard time letting go. (I’m the person who will find the friend I met at camp 20 years ago and ask them to dinner…BFFs and all that.) My past, relationships, things that could have been, things that were. My heart is so crowded with the past. I have tried to push the past into the present. I’ve tried so hard to create a now that resembles then.

God has recently told me that it’s ok to let go. The goals and dreams of my past were for a different season than the season I’m in right now. So often I’ve exhausted myself trying to make something exist right now that belongs to another time and place. So this is a season of letting go. Letting go of the things I accomplished in the past, relationships I adored, and the things that have become altars in my heart. How can I know what God wants for me NOW when I’m so fixated on my PAST?

7 years. They have flown. They have been so hard. They have been so good. They have have changed me to my core. They have introduced me to people like myself and gathered me around people so very different from myself. They have made me question my world views, my goals, what I once held so important. These years have grown me spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. They have grown my relationships with others and with God.

God’s hand is evident in it all. Reflecting and so thankful for His presence and grace. His grace has shown me to let go and embrace the now. He is here and He wants such good things for me but I have to be aware of Him. I have to be present, not fixated on the past. While it’s ok to hold memories close, I have to tear down the altars of the past and let God do a new thing, in the present, in the now-the sacred now.



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