Halfway points and lists

Happy birthday to me. If I’m at the proverbial halfway point of my life, here’s a list of random things about being 39.

Happy birthday to me.

1. 39 feels about the same as 38-with a few more aches.

2. I get “ma’am”ed a lot more now.

3. 39 is easier (so far) than 29. (I think I had my first life crisis at 29.)

4. I don’t care as much about what others think.

5. But I still care a lot about people-probably more now than ever.

6. I value time with others over any gift I could receive.

7. I love pictures and documenting milestones and big events. One day we can tell the stories but pictures are fun to look at too.

8. I realize the world is so big and I want to see it all.

9. But I really just want to watch Netflix and cuddle.

10. I’m not here to be liked by everyone.

11. Everyone does not like me and I’m ok with that.

12. I can still respect and disagree with the people who aren’t “my people”.

13. I don’t have to be a part of every group, outing or event.

14. My identity is less about what I do these days.

15. I still love to get all the things done, check all the lists but I’m not defined by that.

16. People will hurt me.

17. I will hurt people.

18. I’ve learned to let things go and forgive more freely.

19. I live in grace and try to extend that same grace to others.

20. I understand the importance of a routine and creating healthy habits.

21. The first thing I do each day is drink my coffee and talk to Jesus.

22. I know that a centered and focused morning, creates a less chaotic day.

23. I have to move and sweat daily.

24. Endorphins are amazing. So are chocolate and wine. Balance.

25. Learning something new as often as possible keeps my brain active and more focused.

26. On the other hand, it’s ok to take a break and just watch 3 episodes of Hand Maid’s Tale or read the entire book you just downloaded on your Kindle. Balance.

27. I’ve learned saying no is not a bad thing.

28. People will live if you say no.

29. For every yes I must say no to something else or my schedule can become overwhelming.

30. Family is everything. Even crazy families. (I wouldn’t know about that…)

31. Friends can be like extended family.

32. I have learned to lean on my friends and ask for help. It’s ok to ask for help.

33. Fences make good neighbors but if you have good neighbors, you’re pretty lucky.

34. I know I’m here for a few reasons:

35. Maddy

36. Eli

37. Brian

38. To be a light to a dark world, to be a friend, to spread God’s love.

39. I know I see glimpses of God everywhere in my life, all around me. I’m learning to slow down and really see Him at work around me.

I remember thinking 39 seemed so old when I was little. Well, it’s not. (Right?!)

I just can’t fathom that I’m basically at the halfway point of my life. If this is halfway and I’m looking ahead, what am I going to fill the rest of my life with? Who will I live it for? What will I do? Whose love will I gain? Or lose? Will it be worth it?

I think so. I really do.



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