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Thankful, generous, joyful

Thankful people are the most generous people. I heard that today and it made me think about things.

Maybe I don’t have a ton of money or extra time but I do have SOMETHING to give. What is it that God has given me that I can pour into others? What makes me smile and pours life into my soul that can be shared with others?

I need to reflect on this. I need to remember that all I have isn’t really mine anyways. It’s all a gift from the Giver to be given back to others, to show Christ’s love to others, to further His kingdom.

Also, being thankful is a choice. Being thankful and joyful in ALL things. Finding joy in Christ even when the circumstances seem bleak and my well is dry. Thankful is an intentional state of mind which leads to joy.

Maybe instead of looking at what I have to give, I should also look at what I won’t give up. Maybe those are the things I need to let go of in order to walk more in sync with who God wants me to be.

So, just some thoughts for today…

I am so thankful for so much but am I truly generous with what’s been so graciously given to me by my Heavenly Father? What is it in my life that I won’t give up? What gets in the way of true generosity in my life?


Show me how to be generous and show me what You have given me this side of heaven that I can share with others. Help me let go of the things that get in the way of true generosity. Let me be a cheerful giver, a lover of the souls here on earth that You love. Amen


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