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Rest, really?

Rest. It’s what we all want but seldom get around to. Our schedules are so jam packed and we rush from place to place fulfilling commitments that we often don’t even want to be a part of. We’d never admit that because everyone else is, everyone else does or everyone else has (fill in the blank).

I just told my kids that we were heading toward a summer of rest and relaxation and yet, I found myself staring down a decision last night that would have monopolized the time we so desperately need to remain untouched. I luckily declined the thing but for a minute, that voice started telling me to do it.

So I listened to Andy Stanley’s podcast this morning on my run and I’ll say it was BIG for me. I needed the reminder that often times, fear is the driving force behind a great deal of the decisions I make.

Take a minute and ask yourself why. Why am I running from thing to thing and not enjoying any of it? Fear of failure? Fear of not being a good mom? Fear of not providing enough opportunities for my kids? Fear of missing out? What is your why behind all the things you do?

Take a minute and REST right now….listen to that podcast I have linked above. It might just be what you need today.




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