Locust years

I don’t have the perfect story. You probably don’t either. I’d venture to say at some point we’ve all messed up, took a turn we shouldn’t have or made that one decision that turned our lives upside down.

But the good thing is that Jesus doesn’t want perfect stories or perfect people. I am so thankful for that. For years though, I’ve tried to hide behind a smile and a Bible and create a mirage of “good”. But God wants better for me, He wants His best and that means sharing who I was but also claiming who I am in Him. He wants me to accept His free gift of grace, mercy and forgiveness.

When I take my eyes off of Jesus, it’s pretty easy to focus on all the mess I’ve made in my life, the times I’ve failed and just how often I fall short. I can wallow in it or I can claim the truth in Joel 2:25. God will restore my locust years, those years that I’d rather forget. He can restore my joy fully and give me a double portion of Himself as I seek Him wholeheartedly now.

I remember a year when I was little where locusts were all over our yard. They were big and ugly to me. I didn’t even go outside for a whole week that summer in order to avoid them.

We all have locust years. We want to forget them, maybe not even step outside when the thought of them passes the front door of our minds. We have to remember that more than what we’ve done is who we are becoming in Christ. He will restore those locust years. We just have to believe He will.


Take the years the locusts devoured and restore them to me. I know I don’t deserve it, but you promised to redeem my life so I ask that you redeem my years. Use my future time on this earth for you alone. Amen



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