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The ‘S’ word…and how to be a horrible wife

It’s a dirty, ugly word in our culture. We are told to be who we are, feel what we want, don’t let anyone stop us, just be you and for the love of all that’s good, don’t bow to anyone or SUBMIT.

I did it, it’s out, THE word. Submit. It’s a hard one to swallow and honestly I used to hate it. Growing up in a Christian home, I heard it a lot but never understood it until I grew up, donned a white gown and settled into wedded bliss.

(insert record scratch here…)

We had tons to learn and the ‘s’ word was one of those things. Submission is not my natural inclination. It bucks my need to be in control and in most situations, to be right. It puts my feelings, thoughts and needs in check and makes me consider another’s needs before my own. Oy. Hard stuff that I cannot do on my own. Ever. (Jesus-take the wheel, the cart and the horse.)

1 Peter 3:1-6 talks about submission of wives….

How to be a horrible wife…

W- never be WILLING to submit. Do your own things, seek your good over his good. (verse 1)

I- never be INTENTIONAL in your actions and behavior toward him or others. Never seek purity and reverence to God. (Verse 2)

V- always put your VALUE in what you wear, your outward appearance and what others think of you. Don’t seek a gentle and quiet spirit. Make your opinions known and speak up even if it hurts those around you. You gotta do you, right? (Verse 3)

E- never seek EXAMPLES of other Godly wives or become an EXAMPLE of true submission and Godly living to others. Seek examples from the world, fill your Insta feed with less than Godly roll models who live only for today. (Verse 5)

S- STEP out in fear daily of someone always being more than, better than, and on top of what you’re not. Fear the future, fear the past, fear your failures, fear that your marriage is in trouble. (Verse 6)

Crazy, right?

But not really. It’s what we do. But women. We can do better. Let’s turn the tables and be women who submit to our husbands, not out of fear but out of our God-given roll as wives. God’s not asking us to sit in a corner or walk two steps behind them. God has given us voices, opinions and emotions that are so, so good but we need to make sure they are in line first with His will. If we put Christ in the center of our lives, submission will follow.

Please read 1 Peter 3 and seriously take it in. It’s full of amazing treasures but it may take you awhile to figure out the value of these words because submission is what we stumble on in the forefront.

Will submission be easy? Nope. I pray daily for this act to become more of a part of who I am. It is becoming easier as I submit areas of my life to God but I have a lot of work to do. So I’m probably just preaching to myself here.



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