Life gets heavy. So many loads are hard to hold, impossible to hold really. I am tired, cranky, at a loss. I just screamed at my dog and there may have been a few profanities sprinkled in too. I want to check out, turn it all in, and run away sometimes.

How do people do life without Jesus? I’ve asked myself that multiple times lately. I think I know how…they go through life, heavy. They never feel the weightlessness and joy that only comes from Jesus in the midst of a painful situation. They never feel the peace even after the diagnosis is not good and the plan has been completely destroyed. They never feel the forgiveness for others that hurt them, intentionally, and feel the grace to move forward. They never feel like who they are is enough because, well, in this world, it’s not. Without Jesus, life is heavy. Too heavy. Too much.

I’ve been comforted by Jesus to offer comfort to others today. Today I will reach out to my heavy laden, load bearing friends. I love you. Jesus loves you. This life doesn’t have to be so heavy.



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