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Rebuilding walls

Walls provide shelter, containment, and safety. Walls around us make it difficult for other things to get in. Walls can be good in our lives. Here’s how:

In a spiritual sense, the walls we build around our lives provide security in what we know and believe. Our walls are our values, morals and beliefs. They can be strong or they can break down at the slightest storm. (Kind of makes me think of the three little pigs.)

Here are some thoughts on walls:

Before building my wall, what is standing on? We all remember the story about the man who built his house on the sand and on the rock, right? A sure foundation is everything.

What am I building my wall from? Am I building it brick by brick from the truth of God’s Word and what I know He says? Or do I pick up bricks from one place and then another, trying to create a wall from my own relative truths that I cram into my wall hoping that they fit, creating gaps and places of brokenness?

Am I always praying for God to sure up the walls in my life? Am I praying for my life to look more like Jesus and less like me? Once I start building my wall, I have to continually re-examine the blueprint and go back to the plan.

Who/what am I letting through the walls? Once the walls are in place, who gets in? Who/what do we allow in our lives? Do these things make us better and point us to Christ? I’m not saying we sit in a bubble, never letting anyone with differing views or beliefs into our lives…that is our mission field. However, we can’t become indistinguishable from the world around us. If that happens, we have to re-examine our walls.

Walls can be good. In this crazy, tilted world, we need them. I don’t want just anything to cross my wall and hop into the well of my soul, completely contaminating what was once life giving water.

Roll up your sleeves. It’s time to redig and rebuild.




Help me to examine the walls I’ve placed around my life. If I need to rebuild them, guide me in the hard work of replacing habits, attitudes and relationships. May I build the wall of my life on your sure foundation. May the walls of my life always point others to You and may I be careful of what I allow through those walls. May I be a Repairer of broken walls. Amen


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