Wells and walls…{pt. 1}

I’ve tried to start this blog post for about a month. Honestly it’s been on my heart for longer but here I am and hopefully, you’re here to read my heart today.

I’m going to break this up into parts so you’re not drooling as you snore but I pray this helps someone or at least starts an honest conversation within your own heart.


Generally used as source of water, sustenance for the body, essential for living. Spiritually speaking, as believers, our wells can refer to our souls; the innermost part of our spirit that makes us who we are.

Here are some references to people and to wells in the Bible:

-Hagar at the well, Rebekah and Jacob, Moses and Zipporah, Abraham and the Wells that we’re stopped up by the Philistines, Isaac redigging the wells of his father Abraham, Isaac even dug a well as an oath or covenant to the Lord, the woman that Jesus met at the well…..(so many more!)


W-WHAT do I put in my wells?

What do I fill my mind with daily? Am I being intentional and carrying through with daily Bible reading, prayer, praise, fellowship with other believers? Do I let the world influence me more than I influence the world? Am I taking care of this earthly vessel or am I stressed out all the time? What do I put in my physical body?


Is everything in my well essential to producing life or am I holding on to habits, hangups, emotions or apathy that causes my well waters to get murky?


When I am filling my well with the essential, life giving water I need to survive spiritually, I am complete in Christ and then I can share this with others.

L-LIFE GIVING LOVE for others…

I can draw this out of the essential, life giving waters of my well. I can offer this gift, this nourishment to others.

S-STRENGTH for me…

Isaiah 58:11 states that the Lord will guide us, strengthen us, and satisfy our needs. We will be like well watered springs, whose waters never fail. All of this for those who fills their souls with the essential life giving water that only the true Lover of our souls can give.

But wait a minute…

Sometimes our wells get pretty messed up. We start to hold onto relationships, habits, and to the things that make our wells either completely dry up or fill up with mud. We get into this auto pilot life and we stop checking our wells. Our souls suffer and we do too.

Best. News. Ever.👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

God is here to help you REDIG.

Just like Isaac had to redig the wells of his father Abraham, you can too. (Read the story here…) Digging isn’t easy, you may get some blisters, you may have a sore back, but you’ll have a new well open for the essential Water that you need.


Help us to inspect our wells making sure we are putting everything that is essential into them. Open our eyes to take out the things that shouldn’t be there. Show us when we need to cover up the old well and dig a new one. Sometimes it’s hard but we know when we are so full of your life giving water, we can share it with others. Fill me up so I can be poured out for you. -Amen



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