When Social Media Hurts

Here I am, scrolling through social media and I come to a picture with MY friends at the MOST fun event and here I am, NOT in the picture. All smiles, minus one.

Then I see my kids’ friends with all their other friends, all smiles, minus my kids. It sure seems like everyone is out there living their best lives, minus us.

I’m being a bit dramatic here, I know, because this isn’t always the case. There are plenty of times that we post wonderful photos of special memories. When it is the case that we are left out though, it hurts my heart. I ask silly questions like, “Why weren’t we invited?”, “Did I do something to hurt that person?”, “I guess I’m not good enough…”, “My family can’t hang with that social circle…”and the list continues.

BUT, just like God…He pulled at my heart today and spoke to me just like a loving father, with a slight reprimand. He gently reminded me that my worth, my kids’ worth, my family’s worth isn’t in the posting of the perfect picture on social media, the attending of the most amazing social event of the season or in a circle of friendships. Don’t get me wrong. These are good things but they aren’t the things that give us worth or value.

Also, God showed me that I need to be careful to celebrate my friends and family, thanking God for them so there will be no room for resentment or bitterness to take root.

So really social media can hurt but it’s not so much social media that hurts but it’s placing my worth in the wrong things that hurts the most.

Dear Lord,

May I celebrate those around me with true sincerity. Let no bitterness or jealousy take root in my heart. I know that You have good things for me and my family. Our worth is in you alone. -Amen

Practical Application for the New Year:

Sometimes we just need to lay it down, literally. What are some ways you may need to let social media take up less space in your life?


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